How Do Boxers Stop Nosebleeds?

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Personal safety is paramount, regardless of the nature of the game. As far as boxing is concerned, it is a popular sport being trained everywhere across the globe and necessitates a great deal of physical contact. This explains why the injury rate is so high in boxing.

There are a couple of common injuries that boxers often experience e.g., head injury, fingers injury, wrist injury, and many others. Nose injury is one of them. This guide is specifically focused on nose injuries and nosebleeds.

Are you wondering why do boxers’ noses not bleed that easily?  And if it happens, how to stop it effectively? This article has got you covered on how to stop nosebleeds and how to prevent nosebleeds.

How Do Boxers Prevent Nosebleeds?

Nosebleeds are the most common injury we see in most boxing combat, if not all. This is why every new fighter looks out for this concern and wonders why don’t boxers get nose bleeds so easily?

Well, you usually experience a nose injury when your opponent throws a direct punch on your nose. The very first thing you should do to prevent such challenges is; defending effectively your opponent’s blow. This is something trainers and other professionals always consider while training a boxing fighter for an official bout.

In addition, if your nose is internally dry, it may become sensitive to the hit thrown by the other fighter. To prevent this, you can use saline nose drops. Moreover, natural sprays (we will discuss this in a later section) and steam inhalation can also do the job for you. Many boxers use the same approach to prevent nose bleeds.

How Do You Stop a Nosebleed from Punching?

How to stop nosebleeds in boxing? It is the most searchable question when a person plans to practice this sport, especially the ones who have just started their boxing journeys. Are you the one searching for the same? You will get a concise answer from the discussion below.

Do you face nose bleeds every time you are hit by the other fighter? There is nothing serious to be worried about, but yes, you can do certain things to reduce the chances of it happening or get rid of it altogether.

Are You a Newbie? Not a Problem!

Usually, if a fighter claims that he or she often gets nosebleeds in official doubt and even in training sessions, they are probably new to this game. It is an inevitable fact that when you just start your boxing journey, your skin remains not in a position to bear the heavy blows and this is why you have to experience nose injuries every now and then.

But having multiple nose injuries doesn’t mean at all that it will remain the same for the rest of your career. Things start to change when you get enough experience and awareness of the game.

Thinking about how long it will take for your nose to deal with these things? Well, there is no fixed duration but it is for sure that within a couple of months, you will be able to overcome this challenge.

how do boxers stop nosebleeds

Is Dryness a Real Challenge?

Yes, a dry nose is more vulnerable to injuries and results in nosebleeds every often you fight. You should closely consider this factor. But, the question that arises here is: how to prevent your nose’s inner surface from drying?

Well, try using petroleum jelly 4 to 5 times a day and it will help you get rid of the dryness.  Using natural sprays (as discussed in the below section) is another approach to deal efficiently with this problem.

If you are living in a region with dry atmospheric conditions, it may also be one of the leading reasons for your dry nose. A premium-quality humidifier can help you keep your nose from getting dry.

Is a Solid Defense Useful to Stop Nosebleeds?

Yes, it is of course. The stronger the defense you have the lesser will be the chances for you to get hit on your nose. When you rarely experience nose attacks from your opponent, nosebleeds will automatically be reduced.

If you are struggling with it, you can ask experienced professionals or boxing trainers about how to avoid or stop an incoming hit by the other fighter. In fact, having a solid defensive approach is a crucial thing you need to have to stop nosebleeds.

Can Wearing a Good Quality Headgear Stop Your Nosebleeds?

Yes, a face-saver-type headgear has proved to be excellent protective equipment to keep your nose from powerful strikes coming from your opponent.

It is also quite possible that the other boxer is wearing lightweight gloves with less padding. They are more dangerous to your nose and other parts of the body. So, it is always better to jump into the boxing ring with heavy gloves (somewhere around 16 ounces).

how do boxers stop nosebleeds
how do boxers stop nosebleeds

What Do They Spray Up Boxers’ Noses?

During boxing combat, if you get injured due to the opponent’s strikes, a cutman helps you deal with these injuries during the break between multiple rounds e.g., cuts, head injury, or nosebleeds.

As soon as a fighter experiences nosebleeds, the cutman immediately applies epinephrine (with a cotton swab) to the damaged part of your nose. Most of the time, nosebleeds happen close to the opening end of your nose. As a boxer, you can also use a couple of natural sprays, nasal drops, and steam inhalation before the battle begins.

Once the nose stops bleeding, the cutman uses either an enswell or ice pack to keep the affected part of your nose chilled. During the whole process, the boxers are instructed to take a breath through their mouth.

If dark-colored blood is coming out of your nose, it is a clear indication that you are suffering from a broken nose injury and it is difficult to cater to this case. In such a scenario, the boxer is instructed not to ingest blood in order to avoid vomiting, nausea, and other similar problems.


How do boxers not get bloody noses? Is this what you are thinking about? Well, they use special nasal drops and other protective approaches to get rid of nosebleeds. For more details, grab just 5 minutes of your time and read through this guide. It is worth reading.

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