What Are The Best Boxing Shoes To Buy For 2022? – Big Guide For You

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  • Last updated: March 1, 2022
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Many things lead to your success as a boxer. Apart from knowing how to land your fist on the face of your opponent or having a good boxing glove, you need a good boxing shoe. Every boxer needs a boxing shoe that allows swift movement as they beat their opponent in the ring.

A boxing shoe must be lightweight to allow you to move about easily in the ring. You need a boxing shoe that will give you a good grip, balance, and support. A boxing shoe of these attributes will keep you from slipping and your movement in the ring seamless. There are many boxing shoes reviews and shoes on the net that could be confusing.

This review was prepared to make your search easier especially if you don’t have the time and patience to surf the internet. At the end of this review, you will know the best boxing shoes for 2022 to buy and why you should buy them.

How do you pick the right boxing shoes – What should I think of before buying?

As earlier stated, there are many boxing shoes in the market. So, you need to pick the right ones. Consider the following before buying any boxing shoe:

•    Check out good online boxing shoe stores

There are many online stores selling boxing shoes but not all are trusted. It is very important to buy your boxing shoe on trusted online stores like Amazon as they have good boxing shoes that will allow you to move freely in the ring. Apart from this, Amazon is one of the trusted and reliable online markets. So, you are getting your shoe from the best.

•    Check out all the boxing shoes

There are low-top and high-top boxing shoes available on the internet – online stores like Amazon. These shoes have their advantages and disadvantages. A low-top boxing shoe allows boxers to move their ankle and foot faster but doesn’t provide ankle support, unlike high-top boxing shoes. A low-top boxing shoe is for you if you are a speed boxer. On the contrary, a high-top shoe is good for boxers who love quick maneuvers as it supports the shins and ankle.

•    Go for lightweight shoes

You don’t need any form of hindrance in the ring. A very light boxing shoe will allow you to move freely and to have a good grip. Get a boxing shoe with light heels as you are always on the balls of your feet.

•    Try the shoes carefully at home before you decide to keep them

A boxing shoe can look all good in the eyes but when you wear it, you will see reasons not to buy it. Make sure you stand on your toes as you are trying the shoe before your fights. As you bounce with it, observe any discomfort such as wayward tags. A little discomfort can result in a big problem when you are in the ring.

How do I know my boxing shoe size?

Your boxing shoe can be the size of your regular shoe. However, it should provide you comfort without hurting you as you will be bouncing in the ring.

The easiest way to determine your shoe size is to measure the length of your foot from the heel to the tip of the longest toe. Make sure to keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground. You can also use a ruler, but if you’re anything like me, this is the easiest way to measure your foot.

Should boxing shoes fit tight?

Boxing shoes are designed to keep the feet securely in place. They fit snugly against the foot, but should never be too tight. If they are too tight, they can cause blisters, which is a painful and potentially long-lasting problem. In addition, when a boxer wears a pair of boxing shoes, his or her foot may be forced into a position that is unnatural and not comfortable.

A pair of boxing shoes are designed to protect the feet from injury. It should also be comfortable and provide good support. Boxers should wear boxing shoes because it will help them to do their best during a fight. If you are going to be a boxer, you should always wear boxing shoes. If you don’t, you might hurt your feet.

What are the Best Boxing Shoes To Buy 2022?

Some of the best boxing shoes to buy in 2022 are:

Venom Elite Boxing Shoes

The venom elite boxing shoes are manufactured with mesh honeycomb, glossy PU, and PU flex. These materials give boxers comfort with slipping. The rubber outsole is designed with increases its stability, grip, and durability. It is available on Amazon for purchase.


•    It is durable

•    Lightweight and strong

•    Offers boxers comfort, grip, and stability. 

•    Provides ankle support


•    It is expensive

•    Boxers with flat feet may experience tightness.

Otomix Boxing Shoe

This boxing shoe is good for boxing, martial arts, weightlifting, and other combat sports. It is designed to withstand heavy use. Otomix boxing shoes are produced from polyester with long-lasting fabric and rubber soles. You can buy it here.


•    Most durable boxing shoe

•    Lightweight and fits well

•    Multi-functional

•    Offers great grip and ankle support to boxers


•    Otomix boxing shoe is a bit wide

Adidas Box HOG II Boxing Shoes

It is produced from synthetic materials to offer boxers superior traction. Adidas boxing shoes keep the feet of boxers dry and cool while boxing in the ring. Its gum rubber outsole increases grip. You can buy it on Amazon.


•    It is super lightweight

•    Comfortable fit

•    Increases grip

•    Provides good ventilation


•    It may not be ideal for boxers with wide feet as it is narrow

Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoe

This is a unisex boxing shoe that is produced with a non-slipping rubber outsole to give you safety and comfort. It supports easy movement and gives boxers confidence in the ring with its style. It is available for purchase here.


•    It offers boxers dependable support

•    Good fit and offers easy movement

•    Can be used by both gender

•    Affordable and has a durable design


•    Shifty and loose insole

•    Ankle support is limited

•    Difficult sizing

Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

This is one of the boxing shoes that has multiple purposes. It is produced with a rubber sole and tread design to increase traction, prevent slipping, and support. You can buy Everlast boxing shoes here.


•    Improves support and stability

•    Multi-purpose boxing shoe

•    Sturdy design

•    Improves speed


•    It can be too narrow


To be successful in boxing, you need to have a good boxing shoe. Boxing shoes are important to a boxer as boxing gloves and having a good boxing coach. You need a comfortable and light boxing shoe that allows you to move around the ring easily. With many boxing shoes available for purchase on the internet, a newbie can get confused when making a buying decision. To avoid this, buy one of the boxing shoes mentioned in this review as they are considered the best boxing shoes to buy for 2022.